Be a rebate expert

RebatePro is a web-based platform that can help you find, understand, and capture rebates. This powerful tool contains virtually all the commercial lighting rebates available in North America and makes it easy to search through them.

Makes estimating and filing rebates easy

RebatePro is based on our 12 years of experience filing and capturing rebates for our customers. It was developed so that any contractor, distributor, manufacturer, ESCO, or agent can easily find and apply for rebates for their own projects.

Flexible search options

Search by zip code, utility, city, state, or by a specific product.

Saves you time

No more browsing through countless pages on a utility's website to find the program; RebatePro points you directly to the page with the paperwork.

Always up-to-date

Since rebate programs change very frequently, the rebate data is continuously monitored and updated. A "Recent Updates" list makes it easy to see program changes, bonus programs, or out of funding notifications.

Enhanced market intelligence

With rebates, knowledge is power. RebatePro allows you to monitor rebate trends, spot the best areas for rebates, or see which towns are covered by certain programs. It makes it easy to get a grasp of current rebates.

See the Top Rebate Areas

Using a sophisticated algorithm, RebatePro can find the geographies with the highest rebates for a specific product so you can focus your sales and marketing efforts.

Overall Industry Trends

What's the average rebate for a 2x4 troffer across the US and Canada? With RebatePro you can find out the answer for any product in seconds.

Keep Track Of Updates

Rebate programs are constantly changing. RebatePro keep a list of major changes so you can see if they affect your projects. It also highlights special incentives like limited time bonus rebates and trade ally bonuses.


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