Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the best areas for LED rebates?

    This very common question unfortunately doesn't have an easy answer. Rebates and incentive programs can come from a variety of sources, such as utilities, governments, or other organizations. Also, each of these programs can have different requirements and incentives levels. An upgrade that might get a very significant rebate in one location might have no rebates in another location. It depends on a variety of factors including the technology currently being used, the proposed technology, the size of the project, the business type, and more. Traditionally, the West and the North East had the best incentives, but with the changes in programs over the past few years, this is not necessarily the case anymore.

  • Which type of projects can qualify for rebates?

    Generally speaking, rebates and incentives can be available for a variety of energy saving technologies such as lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, motors, kitchen equipment and more. A majority of rebate programs in North America are geared toward lighting since it provides the biggest return on investment, but if a solution can prove that it can save energy, it is worth investigating whether there is any rebate potential behind it. While the most rebates are available for energy efficiency upgrades in existing buildings, new construction and renovation projects may be eligible for incentives as well.

  • Can I apply for rebates on my own?

    For the most part, you can apply for rebates on your own, although some rebate programs require that you use an approved Trade Ally or Program Partner in order to get rebates. Because we know rebates inside and out, we will make sure you get the most money possible. Our team of experts will find all the programs for which you are eligible, verify your products meet the requirements, and look for temporary bonus programs that may be running.

    On top of getting more money, BriteSwitch will take all the hassle out of the process; filling out all of the paperwork and energy savings spreadsheets, reviewing technical documents, coordinating inspections and following up with the contractor/distributor/rebate program staff until you get your check. You can learn more about the benefits by clicking here.

  • Why should we use BriteSwitch?

    Thousands of rebate and incentive programs span North America, changing all the time, with different rules and guidelines that must be followed precisely. Since BriteSwitch dedicates 100% of its resources to rebate and incentive services, we are truly experts focused on getting our customers the most money possible.

    First, our RebatePro Database helps us to make detailed recommendations to our customers about timing, products and pre-approval requirements across all their locations. Then, our team of rebate experts uses a proprietary project management system to track the rebate applications ensuring we strictly follow the various rebate program guidelines. The tool allows us to also provide detailed status updates to the customer, contractor, distributor, and rebate program staff, making sure everyone is on the same page.

  • Do you sell or install LEDs?

    No, we do not sell or install LEDs. Our only focus is finding and capturing incentives for businesses. This way, we can work with any supplier, distributor, or contractor our customers want with no potential conflict. When helpful, we can also provide recommendations of partners we've worked with in the past.

  • What is the fee for rebate processing?

    BriteSwitch's fee for rebate processing is a percentage of the rebate received. In this way, we only get paid if you get paid. The actual percentage will depend on a variety of factors such as geography, type of energy efficiency installation, size of facility, complexity of the project, etc. Feel free to contact us for more information about your specific project.

  • What is the fee for RebatePro or RebateDirect?

    BriteSwitch's fee for our rebate database services will vary depending on the specific implementation. To discuss options and pricing, just contact us at

  • How long does the rebate process take?

    The length of the rebate process varies depending on the geography and the type of project you will be doing. Some rebate and incentive programs require pre-approval before installation, which on average takes 29 days. Once the project is complete, we have seen that it takes on average about 70 days to receive a rebate check from the rebate provider. Altogether, the entire rebate process from pre-approval to getting the final check takes about 5 months.