EV Chargers Are A Growing Market

Electric car sales have been taking off over the past few years, with an estimated 2 million electric vehicles on the road in the US today. However, one of the biggest obstacles stopping prospective drivers from buying an electric car is range anxiety or how they will charge their new electric vehicle.

The US currently has 168,000 gas stations but only 50,236 publicly available EV charging stations. That means thousands of EV chargers are needed in order for electric cars to gain wide acceptance.

Rebates Decrease The Upfront Cost

To help grow the charging infrastructure, organizations across the country have started offering incentives to get businesses and residences to install EV chargers. These rebates can significantly reduce the initial cost of an EV charger.

Map of US showing EV charger rebate coverage

80% of the US has an EV charger rebate available

While most people are familiar with the Federal tax credits available for installing EV chargers, many people are unaware of the additional programs that may be available. The problem is, these incentives aren't as easy to find as the Federal tax credit. Rebate availability can depend on the geography, type of project, customer classification and type of EV charger installed. This complexity makes it hard to fully understand what kind of incentive might be available for a project.

Making EV Charger Rebates Simple

We've developed several tools that make it easy to identify all the rebates, grants, tax credits and incentives available for installing an EV charger.

RebatePro for EVChargers

RebatePro is BriteSwitch's proprietary rebate finding software. Based on our 15 years of experience, the tool has been highly optimized to make finding EV charger rebates and incentives quick and painless. It contains virtually all the rebates, grants and incentives available across the US for installing an EV charger.

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rebatepro for ev chargers on a laptop

Rebate Finder for Websites

Rebates and incentives are one of the best tools to help sell EV chargers to both consumers and businesses. Help customers find rebates for your specific products by integrating a Rebate Finder into your website. You can have this tool up and running on your website with minimal work. The data is constantly updated, so you don't need to worry about maintaining the information.

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EV Charger Rebate Finder for Websites on an ipad

Rebate Data API

For those who want rebate data fully integrated into their own solutions, we offer custom rebate data API’s. We can create custom API’s and tools specifically designed around your needs.

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rebate direct API

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