Rebate Data API

Integrate rebate data into your tools and websites

For those who want rebate data fully integrated into their own solutions, we offer custom rebate data API’s. Each implementation is specifically designed around your needs.

Customized data for your needs

We don't believe in a one size fits all approach. With our flexible API and embeddable options, we can create the tool that's perfect for you.

Put a map with rebate programs on your website, integrate rebates into your audit tools, or include incentive amounts in your proposals. Whatever your need is, we can adapt to it

Custom APIs are available for the following technologies:

Commercial Lighting

  • All lighting technologies
  • Traditional controls
  • Networked lighting controls
  • Horticulture lighting

EV Chargers (EVSE)

  • Level 2 - Residential Chargers
  • Level 2 - Commercial Chargers
  • Level 3 / DCFC - Commercial Chargers

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BriteSwitch rebate data services are used by contractors, distributors, turnkey solution providers and manufacturers across North America.

Other rebate data services by BriteSwitch

Rebate Assistant for Websites

Put rebate information for your products directly on your website. Rebate Assistant is first virtual assistant for commercial lighting rebates. Using advanced technology, BriteSwitch's Rebate Assistant makes finding rebates faster and easier than ever.

Rebate Assistant

Rebate Finder for Websites

A Rebate Finder allows you to put valuable rebate information directly on your website or in your sales tools. It's a great way to generate leads and close more sales. Our embeddable widget makes it easy.

Rebate Finder for Websites

RebatePro for EV Chargers

RebatePro is BriteSwitch's proprietary rebate finding software which has been optimized to make finding EV charger rebates and incentives quick and painless. It contains virtually all the rebates, grants and incentives available across the North America for installing an EV charger.

RebatePro for EV Chargers