Finding & Capturing Rebates

Finding & Capturing Rebates is Hard Work

The first challenge is finding which rebate and incentive programs apply to your project. Even once you find the right program, it takes an average of 12 steps over 6 months in order to ultimately get the rebate check.

BriteSwitch can take care of all that hassle for you; from verifying that you're using eligible products to ultimately chasing down your check, our team works hard to get you the most money.

BriteSwitch makes rebates simple by...

Identifying virtually all rebates and incentives for your project.

Running a detailed analysis to maximize your potential rebate dollars.

Negotiating with organizations to ensure the preferred solution will receive the best possible rebate.

Working with the rebate program staff and contractor/distributor/customer to arrange pre-approvals, pre-inspections and post-inspections as appropriate.

Filing all rebate paperwork.

Ensuring the rebates are collected.


Why Use a Rebate Expert?

Each year, 60% of Americans hire a tax professional because they know an accountant will get them the largest tax deduction possible. A tax expert knows the detailed regulations, the critical time lines and how to claim special items.

BriteSwitch brings similar expertise to the rebate process. With our RebatePro tool, our proprietary rebate project management system, and a team of dedicated rebate and incentive professionals, BriteSwitch ensures you don’t leave any money on the table.

Are you using an expert?

Some manufacturers or contractors offer to process rebates for you as a courtesy, but will they get you all the money you deserve? Are they really trying to get you all the rebates possible and not just the "low hanging fruit"? Unlike companies who offer rebates as an add-on to their other services, 100% of BriteSwitch's time and energy is focused on getting you the most rebates and incentives possible.

We Maximize Your Rebates

We know rebates inside and out and will make sure you get the most money possible.

Choose the right systems

Equipment that qualifies for rebates in one location may be ineligible in another. You need to make sure to select a product that will qualify in order to take advantage of the funds. In some areas, by using equipment that is slightly more expensive, you can significantly increase rebates and actually lower your investment costs.

Optimize Timing

Since rebate programs often have a fixed amount of funds to work with and can quickly run out of money with little notice, timing of your project is critical for eligibility. In addition, installation must be scheduled correctly to allow for any inspections and pre-approval requirements which vary widely.

Bonus Programs

Utilities or states may offer lucrative bonus programs for a very limited time. These programs can add anywhere from 20-50% additional funds but are not often widely publicized.


Sometimes the energy efficiency measure you are planning to install isn’t specifically covered by a rebate program. For these types of projects, negotiations can be necessary to secure a rebate and maximize the cash benefit.

With our specialized approach, BriteSwitch has proven to get customers much more in rebates, even after our contingency fee. These case studies show how we used our expertise to get our customers more money.

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