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Who We Are

BriteSwitch, founded by Leendert Jan Enthoven in 2008, emerged from the recognition of a pressing need of businesses across the United States and Canada: the confusing world of rebates and incentives. Enthoven, then working at Philips Lighting, observed the daunting challenge companies face in navigating the multitude of rebate programs.

To help find and capture these rebates, BriteSwitch developed a suite of software solutions. Among these innovations are RebatePro for Lighting and RebatePro for EV Chargers, specifically designed to streamline the process of finding and estimating rebates for their customers.

Driven by their commitment to simplifying the rebate process for businesses of all sizes, BriteSwitch opened these platforms to businesses, contractors, ESCOs and electricial distributors, empowering organizations to save time and energy while taking advantage of these incentives.


What We Do

We help you take advantage of rebates and incentives for your energy efficiency or EVSE projects.


Contractors have enough on their plates without having to worry about spending hours researching available incentives. RebatePro makes it easy to estimate rebates for a project in minutes.


RebatePro helps distributors estimate and file rebates for their projects. Some distributors also choose to outsource the rebate processing to BriteSwitch, saving them valuable time and resources.


Our RebatePro and Rebate Finder tools give manufacturers the data they need to utilize rebates and incentives to drive sales for their products.


Users who are looking to install energy efficient measures don't always understand where to start and don't have the time to research and file for rebates. We take care of the whole process for them; working hard to maximize all possible incentives while removing the hassle.

Over the years, we've worked with hundreds of businesses, contractors, distributors, ESCOs and manufacturers to help find and capture millions in rebates.

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