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The first virtual assistant for commercial lighting rebates.

Using advanced technology, BriteSwitch's Rebate Assistant can help your customers find rebates for your products faster and easier than ever.

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An improved way to help your customers understand rebates

Showing rebates for your products on your website is a great way to increase sales, but commercial lighting rebates can be difficult to navigate. Over 55% of visitors to our RebateDirect services are end users who don't have the level of lighting expertise that a distributor or ESCO may have. Presenting them a long list of products or using technical terms like "2x4 Luminaires for Ambient Lighting of Interior Commercial Spaces" may intimidate or scare them off.

To help these users be more successful in finding rebates, we started from the ground up and built Rebate Assistant. It uses common terminology to walk them through the process. It can even help customers pick out your product that best meets their needs.

Simplicity powered by advanced technology

Using sophisticated algorithms and machine learning, Rebate Assistant helps users find the rebates for your products with as few questions as possible. The system can process and identify all the potential restrictions and guidelines for a rebate and help the customer easily find the right rebate.

It's like having an extra sales person

Chatbots, like Rebate Assistant, increase engagement with your website visitors. On top of finding rebates, it can also help choose the right product, find a spec sheet, see the DLC listing, or calculate the energy savings.

Detailed Reporting

Which product is most popular with your website visitors? Which part of the country are they from? What type of facility do they have? Rebate Assistant has detailed analytics to provide a picture of who your users are. See sample report


Rebate Assistant vs
traditional rebate finders

Chat bots are increasingly being implemented to provide better service to website visitors. In fact, according to some experts, more than 67% of consumers worldwide have used a chatbot for customer support. You may have encountered them on sites like Amazon, Verizon or others.

While traditional rebate finders using a table or spreadsheet format may contain all the data customers need, it makes it hard for the average user to quickly understand. A chat bot makes this easier by only asking the questions that are required and guiding the user through the whole process of estimating their rebate.

Significant improvements

While many industries have been moving to chatbots and automated assistants, we weren't sure how it would be received in the lighting industry. To test the waters, we conducted A/B testing to compare Rebate Assistant to traditional rebate finders.

increase in completions

Users of traditional tools can get frustrated by the number of questions they have to answer or the format of the tool. Using a simple chat interface, Rebate Assistant had a 113% increase in how many people completed the tool after starting it.

improvement in speed

While a chat interface seems like it might take longer, users were able to estimate their rebates 46% faster than a traditional rebate finder.

improvement in bounce rate

Bounce rate is how many people go to a page and immediately leave. This is usually because the content isn't clear or doesn't resonate with a website visitor. Rebate Assistant had a 40% improvement in bounce rate.

increase in tool usage

When tools look cumbersome, users are less likely to even attempt using them. Rebate Assistant has 28% more usage than a traditional rebate finder.

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Trusted partner of the lighting industry

BriteSwitch rebate data services are used by contractors, distributors, turnkey solution providers and manufacturers across North America.

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