Leverage rebates to generate leads and increase your sales

RebateDirect allows you to put valuable rebate information directly on your website or in your sales tools. It's a great way to generate leads and close more sales.

Instantly show rebates for your products

Rebates are a great sales tool; they cut the price on your product without affecting margin and provide an incentive to purchase and install as soon as possible before they expire.

By putting a rebate finder for your products on your website, you become a resource for your potential customer and make it harder to shop around.

Generate leads

You can require that customers enter their e-mail address before they get the rebate information, generating valuable sales leads.

Be a resource for your customers

You already provide technical data, photometrics, case studies and support on your website, so why not also provide rebate data making your site the go to for any lighting questions?

No more outdated information

Since rebate programs change very frequently, the rebate data is continuously monitored and updated so your information is always current.


Customized for your needs

We don't believe in a one size fits all approach; with our flexible API and embeddable options, we can create the tool that's perfect for you. Put a map with rebate programs on your website, integrate rebates into your audit tools, or include incentive amounts in your proposals. Whatever your need is, we can adapt to it.

Most implementations require just a few lines of code to work on your website, reducing the need for expensive and lengthy IT discussions.

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