Businesses across the US can get rebates for installing LED lighting

LED lighting can save a lot of energy but also qualify for valuable rebates. The problem is they can be hard to find and a pain to get. Rebates and incentives can be from the power company, municipality, state, a non-profit organization or the electric grid. Right now, 78% of the country is covered by an active commercial lighting rebate program.

Do you qualify?

Many types of LEDs can qualify for rebates

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    LED Tubes

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    LED Parking Garage Lighting

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    HID Screw-in Bulbs

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    Pole Lights

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    High Bays

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    Replacement Bulbs

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Things to know about LED rebates

While most of the US has rebates for LEDs, it's not always easy to get them.

Product Eligibility

Not all LEDs will qualify for rebates. Programs may require a certain wattage, shape, warranty or listing by an organization such as Energy Star or Design Lights Consortium. BriteSwitch can analyze your project and make sure the products meet the necessary incentive program requirements.

Pre-approval and timing

Many programs require that you receive pre-approval before you purchase or install any lighting. The average time it takes to get pre-approval across North America is 29 days. Make sure to start the process early so you don't miss out on any money.

Cost Caps

Some programs may advertise a flat $40 per lamp rebate, but often these rebates are capped at a certain percentage of project cost. Other programs may promise a rebate of "up to" a certain percentage in project cost, but it will be limited by the financial payback time of the project.

How much would you save by switching to LED?

Try our energy savings calculator

Making Rebates Simple For You

BriteSwitch specializes in helping businesses find all rebates and incentives for LED lighting. We don't sell or install LEDs, so you'll get an unbiased opinion with no sales pressure. We just want to help you get the most money for your upgrade with the least hassle. Over 96% of surveyed BriteSwitch customers would recommend us to others.

"The rebate process was handled quickly and efficiently by BriteSwitch. It could not have been any easier for us. Thank you."

"Wouldn't do any other way. Easiest way I've ever submitted a rebate."

"We are very happy the way everything went; from installing bulbs, to the rebate process. Thank you"

"All of the rebate process was handled for me by BriteSwitch without a hitch!"

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