Getting Pre-approval to Secure the Rebate

Sheraton Parsippany Hotel

St Paul Lutheran Church

A church had recently upgraded the lights in their sanctuary and offices to LED and was looking to see if there were any rebates available. They stumbled across BriteSwitch's website and reached out to see if there was any money available for the upgrade. We looked into the project and the rebate program in their area required pre-approval before installation in order to get the rebate. Unfortunately, it's a very common problem as most businesses don't know that a majority of commercial lighting rebate programs require pre-approval before any work begins. Luckily, we were still able to find capacity incentives from the electric grid which don't require pre-approval. We also explained the rebate pre-approval process to them so they wouldn't miss out on the rebates on future projects.

Sheraton Parsippany Hotel

A few months later, they said they were interested in retrofitting some more fixtures in their education center. Because they knew about the pre-approval process this time, we were able to get the paperwork filed in time and secure pre-approval for the project. The rebate here covered almost 40% of their cost and brought the payback from 2.5 years down to 1.5 years.

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