Chasing Down Rebates for New Construction

ProLogis Warehouse


Many people don't know that new construction projects can also qualify for rebates and capacity incentives. Rather than a set rebate per fixture, for new construction projects, the incentive is usually based on how much more efficient the design is than the local code. One of our customers, a logistics real estate investment trust, uses BriteSwitch to help get rebates for some of their new construction projects. Their large warehouses can have over 1,000,000 sq ft of floor space and thousands of light fixtures. With BriteSwitch's help, they're often able to get significant monies for these projects.


We took all the hassle out of the rebate process

One such project happened at a new site of their's in Pennsylvania. It was a complex project with a retrofit component as well as a new addition to increase the facility's square footage. In order to get the rebates in a timely manner, we split the project into 3 different rebate applications; 2 retrofit and 1 new construction. New construction projects often take a lot of time from beginning to end and require constant attention. From pre-approval until we received the final check, it took over a year and a half, with BriteSwitch taking over 73 actions to ultimately secure the check. In the end, the hard work paid off; Prologis received over $100,000 in rebates and an additional $10,000 in capacity incentives for the location.

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