VFDs can receive sizable rebates and incentives

Every day, millions of commercial and industrial facilities rely on motors and drives to power their businesses. Fans, compressors, exhausts, pumps, and chillers all have motors that use a significant amount of energy.

Upgrading to energy-efficient motors and installing variable speed drives can save a lot of energy. Variable frequency drives (VFD's) adjust your motors' speeds to help match your need at that moment, lowering your energy costs and reducing the wear and tear on your equipment.

Because VFD drives can provide significant energy savings, there are incentives to purchase and install this type of equipment.

Do you qualify?

The Savings Can Add Up

Things to know about VFD rebates

VFD rebates can come from various sources like your municipality, electric provider, or a non-profit energy efficiency organization. The rebate amount typically depends on the type and size of VFD you install. (i.e. $25/hp on an HVAC return fan).

While most of the US has rebates for VFDs and motors, it's not always easy to get them.

Product and Application Eligibility

Not all VFDs will qualify for rebates. Programs may require a certain size or application type.

Pre-approval and Timing

Many programs require that you receive pre-approval before you install the equipment. On average, it takes 18 days to get pre-approval. Make sure to start the process early so you don't miss out on any money.

Cost Caps

Rebates can be capped at a percentage of the project cost or a certain payback period. It seems counterintuitive, but if you save too much energy, you might not qualify.

Estimate Your Rebates

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Making Rebates Simple For You

BriteSwitch specializes in helping businesses find all rebates and incentives for energy efficiency projects like VFD. We don't sell or install VFDs, so you'll get an unbiased opinion with no sales pressure. We just want to help you get the most money for your upgrade with the least hassle. Over 96% of surveyed BriteSwitch customers would recommend us to others.

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