Rebates Decrease The Upfront Cost of EV Chargers

To help grow the charging infrastructure, organizations across the country have started offering incentives to get businesses and residences to install EV chargers. While most people are familiar with the Federal tax credits available for installing EV chargers, many people are unaware of the additional programs that may be available. Right now, 63% of the country is covered by a rebate of incentive for installing an EV charger.

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Many Types of EV Chargers Can Qualify for Rebates

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    Residential - Level 1 Charger

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    Residential - Level 2 Charger

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    Commercial - Level 2 Charger

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    Commercial - Level 3 Charger


Things to Know About EV Charger Rebates

While most of the US has rebates for installing an EV charger, it's not always easy to get them.

Product Eligibility

Not all EV chargers will qualify for rebates. Programs may require a certain wattage, installation type, or even brand. Choosing the wrong product may mean you miss out on the rebates or incentives.

Pre-approval and Timing

Some programs require that you receive pre-approval before you purchase or install an EV charger. Be sure to fully read all the rules and guidelines before purchasing or installing any equipment.

Cost Caps

Some programs may advertise a rebate, but often these rebates are capped at a certain percentage of project cost. Other programs may promise a rebate of "up to" a certain percentage in project cost. While there are some instances of rebates covering the full cost, it is quite rare.

Find All Possible Sources

Rebates and incentives for EV chargers can be hard to find. They can come from a variety of sources like a local municipality, electric utility, the county, or even the Federal government. Often times these can be combined, so make sure to look at all the possible sources of incentives.

How much could you get for installing an EV charger?

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