Truly Turn Key Approach to Rebates


A lot of people know that commercial buildings qualify for energy efficiency rebates, but what is often overlooked is that common areas of multi-family or apartment buildings can also get monies. LivCor, a premier multi-family real estate company, went through an LED upgrade at many of their properties across the US. For this project, BriteSwitch worked with a consultant to deliver a turn key approach to the project so LivCor themselves didn't have to worry about anything.

Liv Cor Property

Getting all of the rebates with none of the hassle

The main reasons for this lighting retrofit were to save energy and increase the security of their public areas with better lighting. Rebates were just the icing on the cake, so we made sure LivCor had no hassle at all from the rebate process.

Complex Scope of Work

Each site had a different scope of work and timeline. While a majority of the lighting was exterior, the type and quantity of LEDs differed for each location.

Tight Timelines

For this project, the installation deadlines were more important than the rebates which meant we had to get the rebates without affecting the project timing. We worked hard in the background; we made sure projects were pre-approved well ahead of time and we scheduled inspections so the project timeline wasn't affected.

Changing Schedules

Because some projects were delayed due to installation or material rescheduling, BriteSwitch secured extensions where possible and monitored upcoming application deadlines.

In the end, LivCor received over $185,000 in rebates.

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