About Rebates for LED Lighting

Rebates can help offset the initial cost of installing energy-saving LED lighting for many customers.

Are there rebates for LEDs?

LED's save a considerable amount of energy compared to older lighting solutions (like fluorescent, HID, and incandescent). Because of these savings, businesses across the US and Canada can receive rebates for installing LEDs.

Rebates for Residential Users

Customers who install LEDs in their homes may be able to get rebates. Typically, the rebates for residential LED lighting are taken off the price by the retailer.

Rebates for Commercial Businesses and Non-Profits

Currently, businesses and non-profits in 78% of the US can take advantage of a commercial lighting rebate for LEDs.

78% of the US has an active commercial lighting rebate program
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Who provides rebates for LED lighting?

LED rebates can come from a variety of sources such as utilities, municipalities, states, and non-profit organizations. Currently, there are no federal-level incentives available for LED lighting.

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What kind of LEDs might be eligible for rebates?

LED rebates are typically offered on a product category basis, not for a specific brand and model number. In other words, a program may offer a $4 incentive on an LED tube; any LED tube could qualify for this rebate as long as it meets the program's technical requirements. A majority of programs require that LEDs are EnergyStar or DLC listed to get a rebate.

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How much is the rebate on LEDs installed in businesses?

The rebate amount for an LED varies depending on the project's location, type of LED, and project type. Below you'll see the average rebate amounts for the US and Canada.

Average Rebate Amounts Across North America

  • LED Tube - $4
  • 2x4 Troffer - $33
  • Parking Garage Fixture - $94
  • HID Screw-in Bulbs / Corncobs - $53
  • Pole Lights - $98
  • Highbay Fixtures - $121
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How much of a rebate could you expect?

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How do I get rebates for LEDs installed in a business?

The typical rebate process takes about 6 months from beginning to end. Most commercial lighting rebates require pre-approval before any work starts, which takes 4-5 weeks on average. The first step is to identify which rebate programs apply to you and verify that the product you want to use meets their requirements.

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Do I need to use a specific contractor to get a LED rebate?

Most rebate programs do not require you to use a specific vendor or contractor to get a rebate. In some areas, though, you may have to use a designated installer in order to get a rebate. These rebate programs are typically called "Direct Install Programs," which means the contractor takes care of everything, such as specifying and supplying the product, installing the new lighting, and filing the rebate paperwork.

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