Rebates for LED Linear Fluorescent Replacements

This year at Light Fair, manufacturers showcased a variety of options that allow customers to upgrade from traditional linear fluorescent to LED lighting. These solutions usually fall into one of the following categories, each with their own benefits: LED linear tubes, LED retrofit kits, and LED fixtures.

These new LED solutions are becoming increasingly popular, mostly due to their energy savings. Rebate programs are taking notice and quickly adding them to their rebate programs. The number of utilities offering rebates for these LED linear solutions increased by 220% in the last 12 months. What stands out is that there are twice as many rebates available for fixtures compared to lamp replacements.

The rebates vary significantly based on the specific existing and proposed solutions. Therefore, we developed a new interactive tool to show the average rebates, prescriptive and custom, across the US.

Rebates for LED T8 replacements

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LED T8 Tubes LED Retrofit Kits LED Fixtures Getting Rebates

When looking to get rebates for these solutions, it is important to remember that the qualifications and eligibility of products varies by rebate program. You must research your program carefully to make sure your solution meets the requirements. For example, some programs will offer rebates for LED fixtures or retrofit kits, but not LED tubes. Other programs will provide rebates for tubes, but they require you to also install a new ballast in order to be eligible. It's also very common for rebate programs to require LED solutions to be on the most current Design Lights Consortium list.

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