Over the past few months, rebate organizations across teh country have been busy updating their offerings and preparing their 2016 programs. Right now, 64% of the country is covered by an active commercial lighting rebate program. We've noticed the following trends:

Number of Rebates for LED Tubes Went Up While Dollar Amounts Went Down

Last year, incentives for LED tubes really took off as rebate program managers started to add these products. This year, the number of programs providing incentives for these lamps increased 28%. An interesting trend we saw though was that the average prescriptive rebate for these lamps dropped 33% since last year. This is very similar to the decline we saw two years ago with screw-in LED lamps and typically happens as the rebates try to adjust to the price levels in the marketplace. The average prescriptive rebate at this moment is $7.95 per lamp.

Another development we saw with LED tube rebates is the growing acceptance of the Type B solutions. LED replacement tubes come in 3 varieties; Type A (Plug and Play), Type B (direct voltage) and Type C (external driver). Even though Type B solutions are more widely accepted, the rebate amount may vary considerably between the 3 types of products in a specific location. 

Record number of programs ran out of funding 2015

Rebate programs usually have set budgets and can run out of funding over the course of the year. Typically, we see 11% of the programs run out of funding over the course of the year. In 2015, that number was more than double with 24% of programs running out of funding. Sometimes they are out of funding for just a few weeks. In some other cases, the funding is suddenly gone with no plans to return. These funding issues can be very frustrating as it adds even more uncertainty to the already confusing rebate process.  

How do you make sure you don't miss out on money? Plan early for your project. Our North American Rebate and Incentive Database keeps track of when programs ran out of funding in the past and when they typically get new funding, so we can help you pick the best timing for your project and make sure you don't miss out.

See a map of the rebates in the US and how they have changed over the years 

LED Screw In Replacements for HID Make Their First Appearance in Rebate Programs

Last year, the Design Lights Consortium (DLC) added a category for LED screw-in lamps that replace HID lamps. These mogul base lamps can replace 150W - 1000W lamps in high bay or exterior applications to save energy. This year, HID replacement lamps made their first appearance in prescriptive rebate programs. Currently, only a handful of programs offer prescriptive rebates for these, but based on the adoption speed of other LED products in the past, we expect acceptance to grow over the year. Right now, the average prescriptive rebate is around $60 per lamp. For rebate programs that do not have a prescriptive rebate available yet, custom rebates may be available after negotiation.

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As you can see, there are a lot of opportunities this year for energy efficiency projects. Have a project you're thinking of? See how using a rebate expert can get you the most money for your installations.

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