Rebates for LEDs are available across the country.

Depending on your location, you may be eligible for a sizeable rebate when installing LED solutions in your existing facility or new construction project. Rebates may be available for a variety of LED replacements such as:

  • LED lamps (PAR, MR, A-Shaped, Globe)
  • High bay LED fixtures
  • Street and Parking Lot Lighting
  • Fluorescent Replacements
LED Rebate Snapshot
LED Lamp Rebates
LED Downlight Rebates
LED Track Light Rebates
LED High Bay Rebates
LED Garage Rebates
LED Outdoor Pole Rebates
LED T8 Fixture Rebates
LED Tube Rebates
LED HID Rebates

Already installed LEDs? See if you can claim a rebate

While many rebate and incentive programs require pre-approval, some will let you file rebate paperwork after the work has been done.

Things to keep in mind for LED rebates:

Product Eligibility

Often, rebate and incentive programs have requirements products must meet in order to qualify for funds. They may require a certain wattage, shape, warranty or listing by an organization such as Energy Star or Design Lights Consortium. BriteSwitch can analyze your project and make sure the products meet the necessary incentive program requirements.

Pre-approval and timing

Many programs require that you receive pre-approval before you purchase or install any lighting. The average time it takes to get pre-approval across North America is 29 days. You should make sure to start the process early so you don't miss out on any money.

Cost Caps

Some programs may advertise a flat $40 per lamp rebate, but often these rebates are capped at a certain percentage of project cost. Other programs may promise "up to" a certain percentage in project cost back, but it will be limited by the financial payback time of the project.

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DLC and rebates

How is DLC 4.2 affecting rebates?

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Best Areas for Rebates

Where are the best parts of the country for lighting rebates? It's not a simple answer.

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Rebates for LED Tubes

LED Tubes present a huge rebate opportunity but they can be hard to get.

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Rebate Trends for 2017

Rebate organizations have been busy updating their rebate programs for 2017. See what's new.

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5 Things You Should Know About Lighting Rebates

From making sure you get pre-approval to choosing the right products, there's a lot you need to know to make sure you get your money.

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EPAct Tax Deduction

The Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014 recently extended the EPAct Tax Deduction by one year.

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Illuminating Outdoor Rebates (infographic)

LED outdoor lighting is rapidly gaining in popularity due to tremendous energy and maintenance savings. See how rebates can help reduce the cost.

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Cashing in on LEDs

Learn all you need to know about LED rebates in one helpful infographic.

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LED Lamp Rebates

The average prescriptive rebate for LED lamps is $9. Using an Energy Star approved lamp is required by 94% of these rebates.

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US Lighting Rebates

Currently, 79% of the United States is covered by an active commercial lighting rebate or incentive.

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Financial Calculator

See the difference that rebates can make in the payback period of a lighting upgrade.

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Rebate Pre-approvals

On average, it takes 29 days to get pre-approval for a rebate before you can install. Make sure you plan ahead.

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T12 Rebates

The number of rebates for T12 to T8 conversions decreased 24% between 2014 and 2015. They are expected to decline even further going forward.

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Highbay Rebates

Replacing old high bay lighting with new pulse start, induction, LED or fluorescent fixtures can get rebates of up to $400 per fixture.

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Expert Advice

Each year, 60% of American use a tax professional to get them the largest possible tax deduction. Why not use a rebate expert to get the most money possible?

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New Construction Rebates

It's not only upgrades that can get rebates. New construction and renovation projects can get rebates for lighting, HVAC and more.

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