Taking Advantage of EPAct

$60,332 EPAct Tax Deduction For A Warehouse

Here is an example of how a retailer received a sizeable deduction for one of their distribution centers. The original installation of 400W metal halide fixtures was upgraded to more efficient 4-lamp T5HO fixtures. This upgrade alone saved them $37,017 in energy costs a year.* In addition, BriteSwitch helped the retailer take advantage of EPAct, which enabled a one time tax deduction of $60,322.

This deduction reduced the payback period of the project to approximately 1 year.*

*Based on $0.155 per kWh and 4,680 annual operating hours.
**Deduction amount is capped at project cost of the upgraded lighting system. The calculations shown are for illustration and educational purposes only. Consult your tax professional for further guidance on tax laws and to advise on the net tax impact.

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LED Lamp Rebates

The average prescriptive rebate for LED lamps is $9. Using an Energy Star approved lamp is required by 94% of these rebates.

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US Lighting Rebates

Currently, 73% of the United States is covered by an active commercial lighting rebate or incentive.

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Financial Calculator

See the difference that rebates can make in the payback period of a lighting upgrade.

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Rebate Pre-approvals

On average, it takes 29 days to get pre-approval for a rebate before you can install. Make sure you plan ahead.

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T12 Rebates

The number of rebates for T12 to T8 conversions decreased 24% between 2014 and 2015. They are expected to decline even further going forward.

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Highbay Rebates

Replacing old high bay lighting with new pulse start, induction, LED or fluorescent fixtures can get rebates of up to $400 per fixture.

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Expert Advice

Each year, 60% of American use a tax professional to get them the largest possible tax deduction. Why not use a rebate expert to get the most money possible?

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New Construction Rebates

It's not only upgrades that can get rebates. New construction and renovation projects can get rebates for lighting, HVAC and more.

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