About BriteSwitch

Who We Are

BriteSwitch was founded to help businesses take advantage of all the rebates and incentive programs that exist across the United States and Canada. Since there are thousands of different rebate programs, which change frequently, finding and capturing these rebates can be a daunting task. By using our comprehensive RebatePro database, and our proprietary Project Management System, we are truly able to maximize the rebates for our customers at no hassle to them.

What We Do

With personal and experienced service, we work hard to capture all the rebates and tax incentives for which our customers are eligible. We take care of the entire rebate process from analyzing and optimizing the rebate potential to making sure we capture the final checks. We work closely with the customer, contractor, distributor and rebate program staff to ensure a seamless rebate process.

Our Experience

BriteSwitch has worked with over 900 rebate organizations across North America, filing thousands of applications annually. Over the years, BriteSwitch has secured millions of dollars in rebates for clients who range from a single location to clients with over 10,000 locations nationally.

While lighting is the most popular upgrade for clients, BriteSwitch also captures rebates and incentives for other energy efficient solutions such as HVAC, refrigeration, energy management systems and furnaces.

Why Choose BriteSwitch?

Thousands of rebate and incentive programs span North America, changing all the time, with different rules and guidelines that must be followed precisely. Since BriteSwitch dedicates 100% of its resources to rebate and incentive services, we are truly experts focused on getting our customers the most money possible.

First, our North American Rebate and Incentive Database helps us to make detailed recommendations to our customers about timing, products and pre-approval requirements across all their locations. Then, our team of rebate experts uses a proprietary project management system to track the rebate applications ensuring we strictly follow the various rebate program guidelines. The tool allows us to also provide detailed status updates to the customer, contractor, distributor and rebate program staff, making sure everyone is on the same page.

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Call us today at 609-945-5349 or Email us at info@briteswitch.com

We will be happy to answer any of your questions regarding rebates, incentives or tax deductions.

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