Apparel Chain Learns That Paying A Little More Can Get A LOT More

Project Description

A major apparel chain with over 700 locations across the US was working on an initiative to upgrade from old, inefficient T12 lighting to newer T8 lighting. They knew there were rebates available for this type of upgrade, but they had no idea how to capture them. BriteSwitch joined the team and worked directly with the national contractor who was installing the upgrade, so the retail chain had only one point of contact.

At the start of the project, the retail chain chose a specific T8 lamp and ballast to use across all their stores. When BriteSwitch looked at the rebates for one particular store in Washington, they realized that the specified lamp and ballast combination would not meet the requirements to get a rebate. BriteSwitch researched different options and informed the customer that a different version of the lamp and ballast would get a rebate.

The ballast was the same cost and the lamp was $0.25 more expensive than the specified lamp, but the rebate came out to $55 a fixture. By spending an additional $1 per fixture for that location, the location went from having no rebate, to having a rebate that covered 53% of the total project cost for the location!

Project overview
Project Type:Retrofit
Total Locations in US:740
% of Project Cost Covered by Rebate $:53%
Efficient Technologies:T8 Lamps and Ballasts
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